Intel unveils new modems in bid to fuel 5G adoption

Intel unveils new modems in bid to fuel 5G adoption

Intel's 5G chips would arrive in the market in the year 2019 and they might be able to showcase their potential with the rollout of 5G networks by 2020. Neither the iPhone X nor iPhone 8 support LTE-Advanced technologies, which means that in real-world testing, the iPhone X is slower than virtually any Android flagship launched this year.

The report says Apple and Intel are preparing to build an Intel modem into a system-on-a-chip which will include Apple's A-series processor, the GPU, and some other iPhone components. The company announced today that it has completed a phone call over a 5G network on the 28GHz band.

And Intel also claims to have achieved gigabit-class communication speeds with its Intel XMM 7560 modem, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 back in February.

Intel XMM 7660 is its latest LTE modem and delivers Cat-19 capabilities as well as support for speeds of up to 1.6 gigabits per second.

Sandra Rivera, senior vice president and general manager of the network platforms group at Intel, said: "Our roadmap progress shows how Intel is moving at gigabit speeds to help the industry create this superhighway and benefit from the speed, capacity and low latency that 5G promises".

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The firm hopes its new Intel XMM 800 series chips, new radio commercial modems and XMM 7600 LTE modem will transform the adoption of 5G.

Apple is "leaning heavily" towards using Intel's 5G modems in future generation iPhones, according to Fast Company.

He also believes that Apple eventually wants to "dominate" baseband chip design, building on expertise it has garnered in its own silicon production over the years.

Apple declined to comment for this story.

Not sure, but presumably it's partly because we're all supposed to keep up the fiction that 5G will represent a sudden bound into the future and "assisted" or "hybrid" mode just won't do. "That's allowed us to have a strong position in the modem space". Afterall, they have to be against competitors like Qualcomm which demoed their 5G modem last month. According to VP of Intel's 5G wing, Alex Quach, an advantage of having 5G in the picture is that the network carriers can optimize the same network for different category of devices including Internet of Things, phone service, enterprise service, and more. That'll personal computers, home network broadband network equipment and eventually cars, too. It would transform our ways of computing, communication and consumption of content.

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