Google Files Go Is An AirDrop-like File Transfer App

Google Files Go Is An AirDrop-like File Transfer App

Talking about the Files Go app, it's a simple file manager that aims to help you take care of the files stored on your phone and tell you about which files are taking up most of the space. Similar to popular file sharing apps such as Shareit and Xender, Google's app creates your profile to help you send large-sized files with your nearby contacts at a fast pace. Instead of continuing to keep quiet about its plans, as before, it instead opened up Files Go to beta testers who want to get a first look ahead of the public launch. The app has since been pulled, but can be sideloaded as an APK file. This unreleased app was earlier posted on Google Play by mistake. This app is both a storage management app and a way you can quickly transfer files using a wireless option.

Users can browse through all of your phone's content by downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents.

The report says the "smart storage manager" app is available on the Google Play Store in select developing markets, but you won't be able to download it.

"The app itself has minimal permissions (internet access) but it's basically an ad-loaded wrapper which has some code to download a second apk, also called "whatsapp.apk", he said.

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Files Go is meant to be a smart storage app, as it includes features to remove unwanted items, duplicate files, and more. Files Go Beta cam also identify duplicate images and suggest to delete them or clear up the cache on your device.

From there, users are brought to a message-like interface that shows a history of file transfers. If you once knew that the app must've cost something, then the one listed was given for free, you should start to get suspicious. We think that Google likely will be testing this app out for a bit longer before the official release happens.

Essentially, Google has made a decision to capitalize on the interest in the new app, thanks to its exposure through media coverage.

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