GM says next-gen electric cars will cost less, go farther

GM says next-gen electric cars will cost less, go farther

While General Motors has a number of its own issues to address, it seemingly took the opportunity to kick Tesla while its down at the recent Barclays Global Automotive Conference.

Last month, GM announced that it planned to launch by 2023, 20 new electric vehicles, but no specifics were released.

The rest of the electric vehicles will start arriving in 2019 and will be based on new EV platforms.

This will be made possible in part by a roughly 30 percent decrease in production costs in a second-generation EV platform. The company also plans to reduce manufacturing costs and gain sales as electric vehicle demand rises worldwide. She expects to cut battery cell cost from $145 per kilowatt hour of electricity to under $100, yet produce a range of over 300 miles.

Announcing that GM would sell 1 million battery-powered vehicles by 2026, Barra announced that the U.S. auto maker would launch an all-new pure-electric platform in 2021 that it would bank its zero-emissions future on.

A GM spokesperson told Green Car Reports that the image was a "demonstration of an all-new [crossover utility vehicle] segment", but not necessarily a new product. She added that those vehicles will feature innovative technologies such as its Super Cruise autonomous highway driving system.

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In comparison, Ford has plans that would introduce 13 new electrified vehicles, with most being hybrid gas-electric models that would be available in 2022.

GM, according to Barra, is working on speeding the installation of DC fast chargers for EVs that almost all customers will be able to use. "We are committed to a future electric vehicle portfolio that is profitable", Barra told the group. "Our focus is on the customer, so that means removing barriers for ownership".

So GM is ready to up its investments towards building electric vehicles, knowing that they have the market as well as government policies to support that strategic shift.

GM sold just under 10 million vehicles previous year of which about a third were sold in China.

"Make no mistake, we are here to win", Barra said.

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