Facebook Is Making Changes to Stories after Slow User Adoption

Facebook Is Making Changes to Stories after Slow User Adoption

Facebook also announced the launch of Facebook Stories for Facebook Lite app. While Instagram's Stories feature is doing quite well, Facebook's has struggled to attract users. Along with this change, Facebook is also killing private ephemeral messaging feature Direct. This means that you can still post 24-hour disappearing stories on your Facebook Messenger, however, it will be synced with Facebook Stories. If none of those sounds ideal, you can either make a custom list or hide Stories from specific people on both platforms. Stories are now one experience across every Facebook-related product - and as a result, you can also say hello to some very helpful new features, namely the fact that Stories can now live in Events, Groups, and Pages and not just on your own personal profile - opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

The camera options for the apps would remain distinct from each other, while Facebook's is majorly focused on amplified reality masks and effects and that of the messenger is focused on stylizing and adding captions or friend invites for hangouts.

Paulina Bozek-Product Manager-Messenger said that Facebook has taken the initiative for this change as per the user response who prefer to have their story replies within the Messenger. "For a lot of people, the most meaningful things that they do on Facebook on a daily basis are [centered] around a group they're in or an event they're attending or maybe even a page that they manage or follow". As per him some individuals already were of the belief that the stories are connected, and we thought it would make sense.

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"Give multiple people the opportunity to tell a story from multiple different angles".

Update: This post has been updated to clarify Stories from Groups, Events and Pages will not be available in Messenger. To encourage people to contribute to a story, an open bubble will appear atop the News Feed for events happening during that time, provided the user is RSVP'd for it.

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