Facebook, Google, Twitter join tool IDing 'trusted' news

Facebook, Google, Twitter join tool IDing 'trusted' news

Facebook has announced several initiatives in order to promote authentic and fact-based journalism.

In conjunction with "senior news executives" and collaborators from 20 news organizations, the Trust Project said it built a list of indicators of trustworthy news and worked together to build editorial definitions.

What these Trust Indicators will do is quite simple to understand.

The labels, or Trust Indicators, are being developed under the aegis of a broader effort called the Trust Project created to give readers more context on online articles so they can distinguish legitimate journalistic content from misinformation and promotional material. These indicators are not only meant for Facebook, as Google, Twitter, and Bing have also agreed to embrace them.

Google said it is now looking into how best to display the indicators next to articles that show up in Google News, Google's search engine and other products. For this reason, giving consumers more information about content so they can make better informed decisions about what to read may be the more effective route.

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Among other details, the indicators will show whether a story is a news report or advertising, highlight other articles the author has published and offer more clarity on the sources used to back up various claims in the story.

We are initially testing these Trust Indicators with a small group of publishers, with plans to expand more broadly over the coming months.

Facebook users will soon be able to click on trust icons next to articles on News Feed to get more information on the publisher, including their ethics, fact checking and corrections policies and their ownership structure. All publishers have to do is go to their Publishing Tools settings and add the information they want to share.

"We believe that helping people access this important contextual information can help them evaluate if articles are from a publisher they trust, and if the story itself is credible", said Facebook Product Manager Andrew Anker.

The Trust Indicators are also integrated into the latest Schema.org technical vocabulary, which allows technology companies to incorporate them in the way they display news stories. For example, Google is hoping to "use the Type of Work indicator to improve the accuracy of article labels in Google News, and indicators such as Best Practices and Author Info in our Knowledge Panels", Richard Gingras, vice president of news products at Google, said in a release, while Facebook will be displaying the indicators through their additional context module launched in October.

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