F1 set to reveal new logo in Abu Dhabi

F1 set to reveal new logo in Abu Dhabi

Sean Bratches, Formula One's MD, said the new logo shows the broader transformation occurring in the sport, as its owner, United States media conglomerate Liberty Media, attempts to widen the sport's appeal and "lead it into a digital future".

The new branding follows changes Liberty Media introduced earlier in the year including the F1 Live street event in London, new FanZones at grand prix weekends and a relaxation of social media restrictions in the paddock.

"For sure, any time you change you are always going to get a mixed set of views", he said.

F1's marketing director Ellie Norman added the need for a new logo to allow other partner logos to be incorporated with the sport's own mark.

Sebastian Vettel agreed. "I liked the old one better", Vettel said. My own personal preference would have replaced the line in the middle of the F as the racing line an F1 auto would use to navigate the corner, but I'm not a graphic designer, so what do I know?

The new logo has not been well received by fans, and Hamilton said after Sunday's race that it was not as iconic as the old one.

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According to Reuters, the new design reportedly symbolises the look of a Formula One auto with a "modern-retro feel", replacing the previous logo introduced 30 years ago by former Formula One commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone. Just imagine Ferrari changing their logo, or Mercedes changed their logo.

Formula One has revealed a new logo (pictured left) as the first step in its rebranding. "We're not looking to change the sport, we're looking to provide a fresh innovation and energy to a great sport that we can enhance in a number of ways". As for select comments in the press, I think the teams understand that Formula One needs investment and we're having many conversations.

"Our new brand identity symbolises the wider transformation taking place in Formula One", he said.

About the criticism, he said: "Candidly I think it's good people have an opinion because they care". Look at Starbucks or Coca-Cola which has taken the condensation off their logo to enter digital. "We felt we had to go a little bit further to re-tool it to position us on a going forward basis".

Liberty Media is looking to bring extensive changes to the sport starting 2018, as it aims to bring more younger vewers back to the sport.

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