Aussie Lawmakers Debate Laws for Boycotters of Gay Weddings

Aussie Lawmakers Debate Laws for Boycotters of Gay Weddings

The suggested laws have been received by supporters of the "yes" vote as a "kick in the teeth" to the gay community and which would roll back the clock on anti-discrimination legislation.

WA Liberal Senator Dean Smith will make history this week, confirming he will introduce his same-sex marriage Bill on Thursday - a day after the result of the postal survey is announced.

In the case of a no result, the issue of same-sex marriage will be ruled out of parliament for the remainder of the Coalition's term, as well as the next, should they remain in government.

"It allows a minister of religion to refuse to solemnise a marriage due to religious views and creates extra protections for existing civil celebrants".

The bill would also guarantee the right of parents to opt their children out of school classes that conflicted with their values.

"If there is a Yes result on Wednesday, Australians will have voted for true equality for all Australians - not an unfettered right to discriminate for people who voted No", said HRLC director of legal advocacy, Anna Brown.

"There won't be a government position, there won't be a party position", Senator Cormann said.

"I've never believed that allowing same-sex couples to marry needs to come at the expense of the freedoms of other Australians".

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Nearly 80 percent of Australia's registered voters have responded to a government-commissioned two-month postal survey on whether Parliament should lift the country's prohibition on same-sex marriage. "A yes vote can not and should not and must not become a moment where others try to unravel existing anti-discrimination law".

The results of the postal survey, in which 12 million Australians have had their say, will be announced at 10am on Wednesday.

The Human Rights Law Centre said Paterson's bill was "a Trojan horse to allow unprecedented discrimination". However, if the Labor Party wins the next federal election, we could see marriage equality be reintroduced in parliament.

"I think we're all on the same path".

"There's been a long road and there's still further fights down the track", Senator Wong told reporters in Canberra.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari said Senator Paterson was being taken for a ride. "Let's get this done so we can all move forward as a fairer and more inclusive nation", Greenwich said.

"What you have is a young fogie being led astray by some old fogies".

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