Apple's HomePod speaker delayed until next year

Apple's HomePod speaker delayed until next year

A December HomePod ship date was already a significantly longer gap than most Apple products have between announcement and shipping, and that gap is widening even further.

This really isn't too big of a delay - Apple had planned on rolling out HomePod speakers to customers this December, same as Google still plans to do with its beefed-up Home Max speaker, which is now slated to arrive on doorsteps and store shelves next month.

Apple now says it needs more time to flawless the speaker's technology. "We'll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018". The Apple HomePod is designed to be a premium version of the smart speaker device first created by Amazon with the Amazon Echo.

While Amazon and Google have released no specific sales figures, a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners showed Amazon Echo having an installed base of 20 million units in the United States, or 73 percent of the market, at the end of the third quarter.

Apple's HomePod delayed until next year

Apple announced it's delaying the launch of its HomePod until "early 2018", CNBC reported Friday.

"When HomePod comes out, you'll probably hear some great content from artists that are familiar and popular, and there's probably going to be some other special aspects as well", he said. Smart speakers use "always listening" microphones to detect commands, then talk back with a smart assistant, such as Siri or Alexa.

Alongside the growing popularity of the smart home movement is an increased interest in smart speakers: not only are they a great way to fill the house with music, they also serve as gateways to voice-activated information as well as smart home functionality. Apple said it can detect where its located in a room and adjust its sound accordingly. But voice control is created to work only with Apple Music, the company's $10 a month subscription service.

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