Apple Working on Next-Generation Augmented Reality System

Apple Working on Next-Generation Augmented Reality System

Earlier reports from Bloomberg noted that Apple has hired on a number of AR experts, and that the team is being run by former Dolby Labs engineering executive Mike Rockwell. "The development timeline is very aggressive and could still change", Bloomberg said, citing people close to the matter.

Apple engineers are also developing the prototypes of a range of apps for the AR-powered smart headsets.

Augmented reality technology overlays images and data on the real world, meaning a view of reality is modified and complemented by computer-generated sound, video, graphics, haptics or Global Positioning System data.

"We're already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn", he said in the most recent call. The company says that the AR will change the way we use technology forever in the near future.

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Corning's work in this field isn't just notable because of the two companies' existing iPhone working relationship. "I can see it in every business that I know anything about", Cook said in October.

As with previous products, Apple isn't waiting around for someone else to create a chip capable of powering its AR headset. It will bear similarities to the "system-on-a-package" component in the Apple Watch. Formerly software manager for Appple, Geoff Stahl, is one of the directors of the rOS department.

The headset is likely to come with support for the AppStore which means users will be allowed to download and install apps like on iOS. Apple's engineer's team is using HTC Vice headsets for testing. Apple also invested $200 million in Corning in May as part of a $1 billion commitment to strengthen USA manufacturing. Apple is reportedly working on a chip in-house, similar to what is present in the Apple Watch. To that end, the company plans to release a new version of ARKit software tools as soon as 2018.

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