Your Amazon Alexa device can finally tell different voices apart

Your Amazon Alexa device can finally tell different voices apart

To get started, head on over to the Alexa app and select the "Your Voice" option.

Starting today, you'll be able to train Alexa to recognize your voice.

Amazon's Alexa is learning voice recognition, with the Echo smart speakers set to spot who is talking and offer up personalized replies.

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The Alexa voice recognition is rolling out from today, though you'll need to do a little more to get it working than just wait for your Echo to be silently upgraded. The search engine giant cited poor app implementation on Amazon's part and a "broken user experience" as their primary motivations behind the move but with the company reportedly developing their own Show competitor (codenamed "Manhattan"), there could be more to the story. For instance, if I tell Alexa simply to "play music", she'll start playing songs based on my preferences.

At launch, the feature is compatible with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon Music's family plan and Alexa to Alexa calling, adding the name of the specific user to incoming calls. If my roommate asks, she'll play different songs that are better-suited to his tastes. Users can already keep their kids from going on voice-activated shopping sprees by locking all purchases unless you give a code number. Additional voice recognition use cases are on the way, Amazon says. After that, voice profiles will work with several different features.

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