Women Accuse Writer-Director James Toback of Sexual Abuse

Women Accuse Writer-Director James Toback of Sexual Abuse

After The Times broke a story in which 38 women came forward to allege harassment and assault by Toback, 72, "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn weighed in.

The women told the paper that they had "meetings framed as interviews or auditions [that] quickly turned sexual", claiming that during these meetings they were asked inappropriate questions, such as "How often do you masturbate?" or "How much pubic hair do you have?" the Times reported.

"When I lived in NY, in the 'nineties, this dude was EVERYWHERE", Gunn wrote 'He essentially goes up to women and says, 'Hey, I'm James Toback, and I'm a famous director, and I feel like there's a connection between us.' Then he shows them some article on himself or some other artifact to prove he is who he is, and tries to get them to go somewhere else with him.

Toback directed a number of films including Tyson, Two Girls and a Guy and semi-autobiographical The Pick-Up Artist.

James Toback is the creepy 65 year-old film director who recently approached a 24 year-old lady and promised to "make her a star", twice.

The Los Angeles Times says 31 of the women spoke on the record about their encounters with Toback, which go back decades.

In a statement to the Times, Toback denied he had met the women who made the allegations, or that if he had met them it "was for five minutes and have no recollection".

The accusations against Toback come in an atmosphere of increased focus on Hollywood predators, as the industry confronts the fallout of one-time Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein. "And the awful thing is, whichever road you choose, whether you sleep with him or walk away, you're still broken". "I am very ill at ease", he would she said before starting to cry, " it is the goal of the exercise", he would have-he replied.

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None of the women detailed in the article contacted police for fear of recriminations and some claimed Toback had threatened them. Numerous women quoted said that the producer boasted of his power in Hollywood during or leading up to these meetings, the suggestion being that they might achieve such fame if they engaged with Weinstein sexually.

So I did what I could do in my impotent state - for over twenty years now, I've been bringing up James Toback every chance I could in groups of people. When reached, Toback said he is "writing something" in response and declined to comment further.

"I was shocked and frozen and didn't know what to do", Conn said. Gawker also published similar allegations about Toback allegedly sexually harassing women in 2008, 2010, again in 2010, and in 2012. He told me he was working on some movie called "Harvard Man" and name dropped Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Writer Sari Kamin also recounted her experience with sexual harassment by Toback in the Times' piece as well as a blog post.

Post's band tweeted in support of her allegations, sharing the #metoo hashtag that has seen women sharing their own stories of sexual assault in solidarity with other victims.

Louise Post, who now works as a musician in the band Veruca Salt, said she met the film director while she was a student in 1987.

Reacting to the Times report Sunday, several celebrities swiftly denounced Toback's alleged behavior, including filmmaker Paul Feig, actress Asia Argento, and TV journalist Gretchen Carlson.

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