Windows 10 now has an anti-cheat system for gaming called TruePlay

Windows 10 now has an anti-cheat system for gaming called TruePlay

There are a lot of features coming with the Fall Creators Update, including a new photo app, a mixed reality viewer and it brings support for those mixed reality headsets that Microsoft has been working on for a while now.

As the latest Windows 10 update - the "Fall Creators" update - starts to roll out, Microsoft is already thinking ahead to 2018.

An interesting change that went unnoticed is the "TruePlay", an anti-cheat feature.

Microsoft's TruePlay feature is similar to one deployed by Valve.

While the news came as a shocker to the small community of Windows phone users, Microsoft assured that Windows-based phones would still be supported. Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. The update adds tools for developers to log instances of cheating in their games.

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The data from this process, known as telemetry. will be shared with game developers following the determination of cheating tactics in case these might occur. TruePlay will first indicate whether or not the cheat has been activated in the games and then the cheat data will be sent to the developers. TruePlay is disabled by default at the moment in the gaming settings for Windows 10, but Microsoft is starting to make the API available to developers.

Most users don't really trust these anti-cheating tools that Microsoft plans on rolling out since the expectation is that everything the company develops will eventually be cracked within hours or days of its release, seeing it as Microsoft refusing to learn that it can not beat hackers.

Microsoft recently confirmed the death of Windows 10 mobile platform, which means it will no longer develop any phones running Windows 10.

VG247 reports Microsoft is able to exclude some parts of the game. UWP games such as the Forza Motorsport 7 are eligible for the TruePlay feature.

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