Unrecognisable After Plastic Surgery, Chinese Women Detained At Airport

Unrecognisable After Plastic Surgery, Chinese Women Detained At Airport

Earlier this week, an incredible photo of three puffy-faced Chinese women apparently stuck at a South Korean airport after plastic surgery left them unrecognizable took the Chinese internet by storm and was promptly picked up by numerous global media outlets to boot. But upon return, the women couldn't prove their identity to immigration officers at the airport as they looked nothing like their passport photos.

The trio had visited South Korea during China's Golden Week holiday last week, Asia Wire reported.

The three women from China were unable to return home when they no longer looked like their passport pics. Jian even joked that their mothers wouldn't recognize them.

According to reports, the photo was first posted on Weibo by Chinese TV presenter Jian Huahua on Sunday and has since been taken down.

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It's not clear if the women were eventually allowed to travel back to China. The picture was liked more than 51,000 times and shared more than 23,000 times.

Although South Korea used to be the top destination for Chinese tourists during Golden Week, according to Shanghaiist, this year's political events have seen numbers drop by 70 per cent, with Thailand becoming the new hotspot. Almost half of women in Seoul under the age of 30 are estimated to use plastic surgeries to enhance their facial features.

The three women were completely unrecognisable after plastic surgery.

Swelling after facial plastic surgery, in particular rhinoplasty, is an inevitable element of the postoperative period, which also includes bandages, bruises and the need to breathe through the mouth.

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