Toyota GR HV Sports concept is a hybrid Toyota 86

Toyota GR HV Sports concept is a hybrid Toyota 86

The TJ Cruiser was shown by Totoyta today ahead of its debut at this month's 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. So, that auto had a manual that operated more like an automatic, while the GR HV Sports concept has an automatic that operates more like a manual.

Confirmed this afternoon by Toyota, the open-top sports vehicle concept is said to have been inspired by the company's involvement in endurance racing, as well as the Supra and Toyota Sports 800. Toyota finishes it all in matte black paint. Lastly to improve the performance of the Toyota GR HV Sports concept, the hybrid battery is positioned in the center of the concept.

But under the hood, the GR HV Sports hardly resembles its hatchback cousin.

Under the skin is a "Toyota Hybrid System-Racing" powertrain, inspired by the Le Mans vehicle for what Toyota are calling "Genuine sports auto thrills", although they've give no indication of its output.

The battery is mounted near the center of the auto to improve performance handling. However, while the SUVan appears to offer great space and practicality, the concept does have one glaring flaw - there are only four seats. But, then again, if the six-speed automatic were made to haptically ape the physicality of a modern syncromesh gearbox without a clutch pedal, that would surely be a bit weird too (the Saab 900's Sensonic transmission having failed to take the world by storm on a similar premise).

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The GR HV Sports concept.

On top of the gearknob there's a fighter jet-style ignition switch, while a closer look at the switchgear reveals what looks like GT86 parts - in particular for the heater and air-con controls and the traction control buttons.

Also on show will be the Toyota Crown concept, which offers a glimpse of the next-generation Japan-focused model with Internet of Things connectivity, and the next-generation Century, which is another domestic market offering. "Tj" stands for "toolbox" and "joy".

Toyota has revealed the Tj Cruiser, part van, part SUV, possibly the world's first goal built SUVan? The Japanese manufacturer says the "van and SUV fusion genre is aimed at drivers with active lifestyles".

In the cabin, passenger seats can be folded flat.

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