Hunt for crocodile that 'ate grandmother' in Australia

Hunt for crocodile that 'ate grandmother' in Australia

Anne Cameron, 79, who had cataracts and suffered from dementia, went missing near Port Douglas in Queensland.

The remains were expected to be confirmed as human by pathologists in Cairns on Friday, Lukin said.

Cameron was last seen near an OzCare Aged Care facility in Port Douglas on Tuesday.

"We strongly suspect now that there has been involvement of a crocodile attack given the location of those items and the human remains located close to a watercourse", Ed Lukin of the Queensland Police Service said, according to the Brisbane Times.

"Because of the proximity of these items and this unknown material located near this creek bank, we can not rule out the possibility of a croc attack".

"There are no other persons missing in the Port Douglas area, so it is highly-likely to be those of the missing person", he added, referring to remains found at the site.

SES area controller Sean McGuinness said it was a hard area to search.

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"The teams are persevering, they understand what we need to try and achieve and basically try and assist police to get some information about the situation".

While SES searches in the area are being scaled back, officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is conducting air, water and land-based surveys to try to identify a "target" animal that could be responsible for the fatal attack.

A number of traps are available in the area, but not likely not to be deployed until Friday. She was housed at the low-care facility for early-onset dementia patients, Ozcare, and was fiercely independent.

Fellow resident Judith Wright said she saw Ms Cameron walking towards the facility's administration building shortly before 4:00 on Tuesday, the day she disappeared. Talking about how she would have wandered near the creek, Craig said Cameron had told him she was afraid she would get lost.

Ms Wright said she was very upset when she heard Ms Cameron was missing.

A minister at the church, Riana Kok said about Cameron: "We just said goodbye to her a few weeks ago and to now have this news come to us is really sad".

"Dying slowly with pieces of her missing every day until she could not remember who she was or who anybody else was".

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