Fla. Man Arrested After Hiding Camera in Airbnb Rental

Fla. Man Arrested After Hiding Camera in Airbnb Rental

An Indiana couple told cops that they were renting the home of 56-year-old Wayne Natt.

The story about an IN couple discovering a hidden camera IN their Florida Airbnb rental is taking the internet by storm. When he opened up the smoke detector, he found a camera and a microphone inside.

The officers seized all hard drives, SD cards and other data storage devices.

Derek Starnes told Tampa-based WFTS via telephone he and his better half are blown a gasket by what happened.

There was also a similar smoke detector in the unit's living room, WFLA reports.

Natt was arrested and charged with one count of video voyeurism.

Starnes said Airbnb needs to do more to keep this type of thing from happening.

'We don't know if there are local victims someone who may have been dating him or a companion that doesn't realize they are being videotaped, and then we have the other side of who he rented to through Airbnb'.

People who have stayed at the house located at 623 Cedars Court in Longboat Key, are urged to come forward.

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Starnes said they were "freaked out" and called the police. "I trust more casualties will approach", Starnes said.

"Who knows what it's being used for, so it's very concerning", said Lt. Bourque.

Bourque said the cameras "were also Wi-Fi capable so they beam a signal, (Natt) didn't have to wire them in".

Natt was arrested on September 29 and later released on a bond of $1,500, records show. When pressed for why Natt would hide the camera in a smoke alarm if the filming was consensual, Bourque reported that Natt responded that hiding it in the ceiling "gave him a better angle".

Natt reportedly told investigators that the cameras were installed to record private sex parties and are turned off when guests are present. Our team has reached out to local law enforcement to aid them with their investigation of this egregious offence and we hope justice is served.

However, police are skeptical about his claims: "If people are consenting to recording sexual activity, why is [the camera] in a hidden smoke alarm?"

Airbnb put out a statement saying they are outraged and they have permanently banned Natt from their community.

The statement went on to say that Airbnb takes "privacy issues extremely seriously".

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