Fearless Real Estate Agent Catches Shark And Throws It Back Into Ocean

Fearless Real Estate Agent Catches Shark And Throws It Back Into Ocean

A woman's courageous antics went viral after footage showed her picking up a shark, wrestling with and before and throwing it back into the sea.

An Australian woman was caught on video wrangling a "toddler-like" shark and dumping it back into the ocean after it go stuck in a rock pool on Monday.

Hatheier's mother was swimming with the local club "The Jellybean Minstrels" when she spotted the shark. "I was feeling sorry for him", she said.

Bronze whalers have been known to kill humans, and can be aggressive when in the presence of food, but Ms Hatheier said she was not scared by the juvenile shark.

"I jumped in and I thought, 'I reckon I can probably get him out.' And mum called 000, so the police came down as well".

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The Oak Park rock pool near Sydney, Australia.

She added, "I was thinking I just need to put him back where he is meant to be".

"I wouldn't have done it with a great white", she said. "I just helped the shark relocate to the ocean". She said the shark felt like sand paper.

"I thought, as long as I keep my hand near its fins it couldn't bite me; I wouldn't have grabbed it by the tail though". She was captured by her daughter, wrestling the shark and throwing it over the edge of the pool and back into the ocean, Mirror.co.uk reported.

The clip has since been viewed about 20,000 times with most commenters lauding the moonlighting estate agent's shark handling efforts.

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