Beware, OnePlus users! Your private data is being collected by the firm

Beware, OnePlus users! Your private data is being collected by the firm

Moreover, Moore discovered the OxygenOS also gathers time stamps of when the user opened and closed apps, or which activities were being opened. He observed that there was an unusual amount of incoming and outgoing internet traffic from his device to, a server owned by OnePlus. The company without wasting much time responded claiming that it is collecting data to improve its service, and also added that majority of data transmission can be switched off.

The forum Hacker News explains how to do it in detail. Then, connect your phone to your computer via USB and install the Android Debug Bridge software.

This is not the first time OnePlus is accused of something.

Through the domain, the company was collecting private device and user information from his OnePlus 2 handset and sending it to an Amazon AWS instance without permission.

You might think true privacy is becoming increasingly hard to come by in this ever-more connected world, but most companies at least ask or warn that they'll be collecting data.

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However, it gets even more unnerving.

According to Chris Moore, who published an in-depth article on his Security and Tech Blog, his OnePlus device is harvesting and uploading quite of bit of personal information without his consent. The data can help developers figure out what features people use, what bugs need to be fixed, and what/where the target market is. What's unsettling, however, is that Moore discovered that the data was not anonymized at all. In a time where user information and security of sensitive information is becoming more important, a transparent and comprehensive understanding of what information is being collected and for what goal (as well as the option to completely opt out of such collection) would be greatly appreciated in any situation.

Even as this is happening, OnePlus has found itself in an awkward position, nearly similar to what we've seen before with respect to Chinese OEMs, where the owners of the company's OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are apparently being monitored without their knowledge.

According to Android Police, the company said, "We securely transmit analytics in two different streams over HTTPS to an Amazon server". This transmission of user activity can be turned off by navigating to Settings Advanced Join User Experience Program. The second stream, meanwhile, is for device information, which OnePlus said it collects to provide customers with better after-sales support. Still, uninstalling the telemetry through ADB seems like the more absolute option. Fearing that, he immediately posted the issue on Twitter with screenshots.

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