Arby's Venison Sandwiches Going Nationwide for Limited Time

Arby's Venison Sandwiches Going Nationwide for Limited Time

Early response to the upcoming sandwiches online seemed positive, though the 2016 offer did generate detractors who vowed to boycott Arby's.

Arby's is rolling out its venison sandwich to all of its locations across the country for the first time.

In other good news that's sure to spruce up any deer camp, Arby's has announced it will continue the success it had with venison sandwiches a year ago, and they're even taking it up a notch this hunting season.

The quest ended up taking most of a year and led the fast-food chain to a New Zealand supplier that sells grass-fed free-range venison, the company said.

The nationwide rollout comes after Arby's first sold it in 17 locations - a lot of them located in popular deer-hunting hot spots like Wisconsin, Tennessee and rural Pennsylvania - last fall.

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If the thought of a thick-cut venison steak topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce on a toasted roll excites you, you'll have to act fast - it's only on the Arby's menu for one day, October 21. And if you have never tried venison, color me highly skeptical that a fast-food sandwich is the best way to introduce you to the meat.

In case venison wasn't intriguing enough, three Arby's locations - one each in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana - will serve a limited-edition Elk Sandwich on October 21, too.

"We took a look at what hunters and wild game enthusiasts love to talk about eating, and elk was something that kept popping up, and we said, 'this is another great tasting game meat we think our guests would enjoy, '" he continued.

Arby's latest creation features elk steak covered in blackberry port steak sauce and crispy onions, all on a toasted roll. That special meal will also be available on the same day the chain releases the venison sandwich.

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