Zuma in NY for 72nd UN General Assembly

Zuma in NY for 72nd UN General Assembly

He also highlighted Nigeria's efforts to provide relief to citizens displaced by Boko Haram violence and environmental challenges such as droughts.

He made a strong case for cooperation in addressing growing transnational crimes like forced labour, slavery, human trafficking and cybercrime.

He commended the United Nations for its role in delivering humanitarian assistance to civilians in the midst of violent conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These cooperative efforts should be sustained. He urged the worldwide community to similarly embrace cooperation in combating global terrorism and preventing the Islamic State from spreading to the Lake Chad and Sahel regions.

"The Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin are where there are insufficient resources, and response capacity is weak".

He says the United Nations has a responsibility to cooperate strongly with regional organisations such as the African Union in conflict prevention & management.

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The Nigerian leader condemned the Myanmar crisis, saying the Rohingya crisis was state-backed. Here are just some of the world's most powerful and handsome women.

According to a dispatch from NY, this year's theme is 'Focusing on People - Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for all on a Sustainable Planet'.

Buhari while speaking said Kim Jong Un's " accelerated nuclear programme" is "the most pressing threat to worldwide peace and security today". "The delegation, led by the Security Council, should include members from all the regions".

For instance, Shettima, who is also the chairman of the Northern State governors' forum, had in a statement issued in Maiduguri, lauded the residents of the region for keeping the peace in the face of the recent clashes.

The Nigerian delegation is expected to also canvass the support of United Nations member states for the Buhari administration's efforts towards combating illicit financial flows to foster sustainable development.

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