US B1-B bombers fly mission off North Korean coast

US B1-B bombers fly mission off North Korean coast

The US characterised the flights as extending farther north of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), than any US fighter or bomber had gone off the North Korean coast in the 21st century.

Shortly before his address, the Pentagon announced that the show of force underscored "the seriousness" with which the U.S. took North Korea's "reckless" behaviour, calling the country's weapons programme a "grave threat".

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck around 20 km away from the North's nuclear test site, where earlier this month Pyongyang detonated its sixth and largest device, which it claimed was a hydrogen bomb capable of being launched on a missile.

The ongoing war of words between the United States and North Korea saw several new fiery salvos Saturday, a day on which the USA military, in a show of force, flew bombers in worldwide airspace over waters east of North Korea.

Defense Department spokesman Dana White said in a statement that the bombers' mission shows how seriously the US takes what he calls North Korea's "reckless behavior".

His statement says the flights are a "demonstration of USA resolve and a clear message" that President Donald Trump "has many military options to defeat any threat".

The verbal spat between Trump and Kim also showed no signs of reducing, as after Trump called Kim "little rocketman" and "madman" on a "suicide mission" and threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea to defend itself or its allies, Kim called Trump a "frightened dog" and a "mentally deranged USA dotard".

Mr Trump later used his speech to the UN General Assembly to tell the world he would "totally destroy" North Korea if the U.S. was threatened by its regime.

Atmospheric tests of nuclear-armed missiles, as NPR's Geoff Brumfiel reported, are unsafe for a host for reasons, including the potential for sending nuclear fallout in unpredictable patterns and, if a test were to be administered by North Korea, in the direction of the U.S.

Trump's latest insult came one day after he imposed additional sanctions on Pyongyang.

North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear bomb test on Sept 3, prompting another round of United Nations sanctions.

And after Trump issued an executive order imposing new sanctions on North Korea, Kim responded by saying the United States would "pay dearly" for the new sanctions.

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Later, the China Earthquake Administration revised its estimation, saying the quake was not a nuclear detonation.

Exported refined oil products must be used fully on civil purposes, not for North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, or other activities banned by the UN Security Council, the ministry said.

Ri Yong-ho told the General Assembly that Trump's vow to "totally destroy" his country if necessary had made "our rockets' visit to the entire U.S. mainland all the more inevitable".

Calling the sanctions resolutions unjustified, Ri said that Pyongyang was left with no other choice but to respond with the "nuclear hammer of justice".

A South Korea Meteorological Agency spokesman said that acoustic waves from a man-made explosion should have been detected but were not.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim have traded increasingly threatening and personal insults as Pyongyang races towards its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the USA - something Mr Trump has vowed to prevent.

The rhetoric between Trump and Kim has grown exceptionally personal.

On Thursday, Trump announced more economic sanctions against the impoverished and isolated country, targeting foreign companies that deal with the North.

Washington announced tougher restrictions on Friday aimed at curbing North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programme, building on tough new United Nations sanctions aimed at choking Pyongyang of cash.

Numerous scientific agencies on both sides of the Pacific detected an quake Saturday near the site where North Korea set off a hydrogen bomb earlier this month, at first prompting speculation of another weapons test, before a consensus appeared to emerge that the tremor was a natural occurrence.

"Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at UN".

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