UNGA: Nigeria Signs Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty

UNGA: Nigeria Signs Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty

A treaty banning nuclear weapons is to be signed on Wednesday at an official ceremony in NY on the margin of the UN General Assembly.

The island and 40 other States endorsed the initiative adopted on July 7, which prohibits the development, testing, production, acquisition, possession, storage and transfer, as well as the threat of use of those lethal devices considered a serious danger for human survival.

According to him, it will take great effort to really push and get a larger number of countries to accede to the treaty, especially nuclear weapons states.

"The Treaty is an important step towards the universally-held goal of a world free of nuclear weapons". We can not allow these doomsday weapons to endanger our world and our children's future, ' UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said as he opened the treaty for signing.

The U.N. treaty office said 51 countries are expected to attach their names on the opening day for signatures.

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The Belgian Coalition against Nuclear Weapons deplored, in a press release, the Belgian stand on the issue, calling on the country to review its position, sign the text, and send back United States nuclear weapons stored in the Kleine-Brogel base in Limburg.

Brazilian President Michel Temer was first to sign.

From the beginning, the treaty was met with strong opposition from nuclear-armed states, which boycotted negotiations. The Holy See and Thailand not only signed but also ratified it.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, signed the treaty on behalf of Nigeria on Wednesday at the UN headquarters on the sidelines of the High-level UN General Assembly.

At the start of nuclear ban negotiations in New York, America's U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley led a public protest against the talks, suggesting that a ban is unrealistic as North Korea would never give up its nuclear weapons. So, what has obtained since the Second World War, is a philosophy of mutually-assured destruction, letting the other side know that if they attack you with nuclear weapons, that the result will be 'everybody will go'. They instead pledged commitment to a decades-old Non-Proliferation Treaty, which aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology.

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