National Football League team values rise, Dallas Cowboys worth $4.8B

National Football League team values rise, Dallas Cowboys worth $4.8B

That's up from $770 million in 2012, when owner Shad Khan purchased the team from Wayne and Delores Weaver, according to Forbes.

The Cowboys' new valuation means that they are now the world's most valuable franchise for the third straight year.

The value of the Jaguars is up 4 percent in the previous year and had an operating income of $89 million, Forbes said.

Around the rest of the NFC North, the Chicago Bears rank seventh at $2.85 billion, the Green Bay Packers are 13th at $2.55 billion and the Minnesota Vikings come in at 18th at $2.4 billion. Forbes reported earlier this year that the average baseball franchise is worth $1.54 billion. Much of that can be attributed to rights fees and new stadiums or stadium renovations.

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On average, an National Football League franchise is worth US$2.52 billion, an increase of eight per cent since 2016. The only organizations that increased their value less than the Lions did in the past year are the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans, which each went up 2 percent.

One team that didn't see a huge jump was the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Falcons had the highest increase in value, up 16 percent to more than $2.47 billion The team just moved into a $1.5 billion stadium in Atlanta. Fans are also becoming "turned off by the gladiatorial nature of the sport" - but for now, the NFL remains the most lucrative league in the world by far. You'll notice that the Cowboys ($4.8 billion) are almost worth more than the Bengals, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills combined ($5.1 billion).

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