Narcos location scout found dead in Mexico

Narcos location scout found dead in Mexico

In a tragic scene that seems nearly right out of the series itself, a "veteran location manager" for Narcos Season 4 was shot to death in rural Mexico, according to El Pais, a Spanish-language daily newspaper.

The experienced location scout had worked on several high profile films including Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, Fast & Furious and the James Bond film Spectre. Portal apparently was on the scouting trip by himself-and he was working in an area known for murders, according to El Pais. The Hollywood Reporter states that Munoz was murdered on Monday, September 11 in a rural area of the country, outside Mexico City.

En parajes #Edomex, Carlos Muñoz Portal (37), buscaba locaciones para serie @NarcosNetflix.

"We are aware of the passing of Carlos Munoz, a well-respected scout, and send our condolences to his family", said the company in a brief message on the matter. Authorities are reportedly having trouble piecing together what happened leading up the Portal's death, and police are still investigating.

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This is so, so sad.

Season four of "Narcos" is said to based on the rise of Mexico's infamous Juarez cartel. Nor confirmation either way had been made public by Netflix at the time of this writing. Last season focused on Colombia's Cali cartel.

Portal was reportedly heading out to obtain some production photographs. It's also unclear if this sudden death will delay or halt production of the show.

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