McCain May Have Killed Zombie GOP Health-Care Bill - Again

McCain May Have Killed Zombie GOP Health-Care Bill - Again

Sen. John McCain may, once again, be the savior of President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement. John McCain announced he wouldn't back the proposal.

If that happens, it will be proof that it beyond past time for Republicans to abandon their partisan efforts to jam through Obamacare repeal and get to work on a bipartisan bill.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME said Sunday it's "very difficult" to see a scenario in which she would support the Obamacare repeal bill being pushed by fellow GOP Sens.

McCain "let Arizona down.", the president wrote on Twitter. The reason that there is a majority of Republicans in both Houses is because they were voted for on a similar platform, by saying the Democrats should be more involved is actually not how the USA process works.

The Graham-Cassidy plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is so bad even Sen.

He also claimed that Arizona's Obamacare premiums went up 116% previous year, and added that Sen. Chuck Schumer sold John McCain a bill of goods. Sad. He jabbed at the senator with another tweet later in the day: "Democrats are laughingly saying that McCain had a "moment of courage". Graham said he feels "an obligation to fix this disaster and intend to push forward for state-centric health care versus Washington-knows-best health care".

McCain May Have Killed Zombie GOP Health-Care Bill - Again

Cassidy did say his team will be releasing a new version of the Graham-Cassidy bill on Monday in an effort to garner more support.

While President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that Paul "may find a way to get there for the good of the party", there is limited optimism on that front on Capitol Hill.

Republican senators have until September 30 to push a repeal bill through. Most observers believe that the yearly deductibles for clients with pre-existing conditions would be higher as well. "Lisa M comes through". Mike Lee of Utah, a fellow Republican who has wavered on GOP health care bills, also plans to vote against Graham-Cassidy. Susan Collins of ME is also expected to vote "no" on the proposal.

Early last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY), that if Senate Republicans passed the Graham-Cassidy bill, the House would follow suit.

"I hope that we can pass a bill this week that will be bipartisan, help stabilize the markets, help reduce the premiums under the leaderships of Senator Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray and those of us who are working hard toward that goal".

The changes would have given consumers more freedom, "lifting the regulations from the federal government that are driving up premiums so that premiums can go down and more people can afford health insurance", said Cruz. Lindsey Graham indicates that he was not honest.

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