Huge sinkhole swallows portion of home in Florida

Huge sinkhole swallows portion of home in Florida

The sinkhole was 25 by 15 feet.

Less than a week and a half after a Florida home was spared of Hurricane Irma's destruction, a sink hole opened under it partially swallowing it.

It's not clear if the sinkhole is related to heavy rains from Hurricane Irma last week. "The tub was sinking, and the window was coming loose, and I said, 'It's time to go, '" one of the family members told the station. The homeowner then watched it overnight and saw a depression form in the ground near the crack by Tuesday morning.

"I don't have any idea what's next", Miller said.

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Miller said it's been their family's home since 1969.

"It's probably generations of stuff", said Miller's daughter, Connie Hale. "It's just stuff that's not replaceable". The house wasn't damaged and she only lost power for about a day, though she was still waiting to get her cable and internet back. After Hurricane Harvey, sinkholes appeared in Texas as well.

Ellen Miller, her husband, Garry Miller, and their two dogs were able to safely leave their home. "It's the only home I've ever had". "I really don't. There's no rebuilding it". "It's the only home my kids know".

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