Democrats batter Rick Scott over nursing home tragedy

Democrats batter Rick Scott over nursing home tragedy

Six Hollywood nursing home residents died Wednesday morning in a building left without air conditioning after Irma blasted South Florida, according to Police Chief Tom Sanchez. As of Wednesday, almost 60 percent of customers had electricity restored, according to Florida Power & Light.

Yesterday's New York Times buried the lede in its coverage of the tragic death of eight elderly residents of The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills in Fort Lauderdale.

The five women and three men ranged in age from 70 to 99.

"It's a sad event", Hollywood police chief Tomas Sanchez told a news conference.

Total insured losses from the storm are expected to run about US$25 billion, including US$18 billion in the United States and US$7 billion in the Caribbean, catastrophe modeller Karen Clark&Co estimated on Wednesday.

The cause of the two other deaths is still under investigation.

The Miami-Herald reports that a criminal investigation has been launched, and officers are being sent to check on the 42 other nursing homes in the area.

Michael Benson, 65, of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, said he lost everything.

"This is an inexcusable tragedy that frail patients would die of heat exhaustion without it being recognized and taking them to the hospital next door", Florida Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat, said in a statement Wednesday. Randy Katz, medical director of the hospital's emergency department.

Police and fire crews were in the process of evacuating 115 people from the care facility and neighboring Larkin Community Hospital.

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Police closed part of Overland on Saturday morning as they investigated the crash and as ambulances picked up the injured. Authorities said an investigation is underway and the evidence will be sent to the prosecutor for " possible charges ".

When asked why the patients hadn't been taken across the street to Memorial Regional hospital when temperatures became risky, Hollywood city spokeswoman Rayelin Storey said, "We can't get inside the heads of the staff and the administrators of this facility".

Vice President Mike Pence, who joined Trump on the trip, promised Floridians: "We're with you today".

AccuWeather extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer captured Irma's wrath as the storm hit Key West, Florida, and what it looked like after the hurricane. Residents of some of the islands closest to Florida's mainland were allowed to return and get their first look at the devastation two days after Irma roared in with 130 miles per hour (209 kph) winds.

President Donald Trump plans to visit Naples, on Florida's hard-it southwestern coast, on Thursday.

On Wednesday, he climbed down from what had been the upper floor of his home on a ladder, wearing only underwear and flip-flops because the wind blew away his clean clothes. Three deaths took place at the nursing home while two deaths happened as they were being taken to the hospital. And my trousers, my phone, my wallet are all gone.

In the battered Florida Keys, meanwhile, county officials pushed back against a preliminary estimate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that 25 per cent of all homes in the Keys were destroyed and almost all the rest were heavily damaged.

"When you think of the incredible power of that storm, and while people unfortunately passed, it was such a small number", Mr Trump said.

Irma rampaged through the Caribbean, devastating several islands and raking the northern shore of Cuba last week.

France, Britain and the Netherlands have been criticised for the pace of relief efforts for their overseas territories ravaged by the storm.

Touring Saint Martin, Macron was at times jeered by people waiting for aid supplies or hoping to catch flights for France in order to escape the devastation across the island.

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