Bugatti Chiron sets 0-249-0 miles per hour world record

Bugatti Chiron sets 0-249-0 miles per hour world record

The auto needed 32 seconds and just over 1.6 miles to hit 249mph, at which point the brakes were firmly applied, putting 2g of force through the vehicle. It's not even long enough to make a decent cup of tea, and yet that's all the Bugatti Chiron needs to go all the way from 0-400kmh (249mph), and back to a standstill. The 1,500 horsepower hypercar was driven by IndyCar driver Juan Pablo Montoya. It took 32.6 seconds to reach 400h/km, and the remaining 9.3 seconds to come to a halt again.

The record run was overseen by automotive technology company SGS-TÜV Saar. Equally as impressive as the powertrain is the braking system.

The Chiron has a carbon ceramic brake discs (420 mm at the front, 400 mm at the rear), and eight titanium piston calipers at the front and six at the rear. They are aided by a huge rear air brake that deploys when the brake pedal is applied heavily, sticking the rear end with an extra 900 kg of downforce (nearly 2,000 lbs).

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Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed in the press release that "300 of the limited series of 500 Chiron have already been sold". The Chiron did the entire run while maintaining its comfort, Montoya didn't feel the need for a helmet or a special racing suit. We actually drove it. "This truly impressive performance further confirms that the Chiron is the world's best super-sports auto". "Just get in and drive off. Incredible". "At any rate, I'm saving the date in my calendar", Montoya said, referring to a forthcoming outright speed record attempt with the Chiron which Bugatti will undertake next year, in hopes of surpassing their own record of 431.072 km/h achieved in 2010 with the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. In order to do that, the Chiron would have to breach the 268 miles per hour (431 km/h) mark.

The 249mph top speed is equivalent to 400kph.

The Bugatti Chiron takes after its predecessor, the Veyron in being a riot of numbers - these being output and performance figures, specifically.

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