Bomb alerts in Moscow proved to be hoaxes

Bomb alerts in Moscow proved to be hoaxes

More than 20,000 people were evacuated across Moscow Wednesday after several bomb threats were reported in various locations.

A total of 20 sites were evaucated across central Moscow on Wednesday afternoon (September 13), according to the Daily Mail.

Among the locations affected are three of the capital's biggest railway stations, more than a dozen shopping centers - including GUM, located next to Red Square - and at least three universities, the leading First Moscow State Medical University, and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations among them.

More than 45,000 people have been evacuated from airports, schools and government buildings across Russian Federation over the last two days amid a wave of fake bomb threats that officials have called unprecedented, Bloomberg reported. It quoted a source saying that it appeared to be case of "telephone terrorism".

Twenty sites are now being evacuated, with emergency services saying that specialist units and officers with sniffer dogs were examining the buildings.

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"There's never been anything like this before, it's 100 percent organized telephone terrorism", Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the Defense Committee in the upper house of parliament, said in a telephone interview.

TASS reported that the Metropolis, Afimoll and Gorod shopping centres in Moscow had bomb scares along with the Leningrad, Yaroslavl and Kazan stations.

Terrorist false alarms are punishable by up to five years in prison under Russian law, and multiple police investigations have been opened.

RIA cited its source as saying that numerous hoax calls may have been made from Ukraine. Three more Siberian cities evacuated shopping malls, government offices, schools and hospitals.

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