BHU proctor quits over violence

BHU proctor quits over violence

The BJP's annoyance with the V-C was evident when the ABVP also joined the students' protests.

A number of students, including women and two journalists, were injured in the baton charge, the varsity sources said. As per report, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) did not deal with the victim's complaint in a sensitive manner and did not handle the situation on time, said a senior administrative official.

The university is on the edge since Saturday midnight when police cane-charged students protesting against alleged inaction on the complaint. "Suo motu cognizance taken in subsequent use of unwarranted manhandling and thrashing of agitating students, mostly women, by UP police", the NHRC said.

It is believed that the university authorities have accepted Singh's offer to step down and a new chief proctor will be appointed today by Vice-Chancellor Dr Girish Chandra Tripathi.

Violence inside the campus erupted after some students, protesting against the alleged eve-teasing incident on September 21, went to meet the Vice Chancellor at his residence. These girls were protesting against the shaming of one of their female colleagues, who was molested by three bike-borne men while out and about in the campus. The student alleged that the security guards, who were around 100 metres away, did nothing to stop the men.

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The warden's response angered the student's colleagues, who sat on a "dharna" at the main gate midnight Thursday.

According to reports, the students have complained that they often face such harassment inside the campus but the administration has not taken any action to stop such incidents. He also claimed that the "incident was deliberately staged" a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Varanasi, reportedly at the behest of some vested interests.

Carrying bruises on her body, Mishra said that only outsiders felt freakish to hear BHU vice chancellor's stereotyped statements, but insiders (students) were used to it. But, if outsiders' entry can't be controlled, then at least, the security guard and university staff can respond appropriately to their concerns, the girls said.

The Congress has demanded a thorough inquiry into the lathi-charge on women students by an all-party parliamentary panel.

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