World Health Organization report: Half-million affected by cholera in Yemen

World Health Organization report: Half-million affected by cholera in Yemen

Since early July, the outbreak has slowed in areas of the country that have been impacted the most, but an estimated 5,000 people are still being infected by the waterborne diarrheal disease every day, and almost 2,000 people have died since the outbreak began in late April, WHO said.

Though numbers have slowed down in recent weeks, some parts of the country still report up to 5,000 suspected cases each day.

Footballer's Syria return Damascus Syria's national football captain, a supporter of the uprising against President Assad, has returned to the country in a symbolic blow to the rebels. Millions lack access to clean water، and refuse collection has ceased in many cities.

With more than half of all medical facilities in Yemen closed due to the disastrous effects of the war, Yemen's health service has struggled greatly with the country's cholera epidemic. "Thousands of people are sick, but there are not enough hospitals, not enough medicines, not enough clean water", WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, MSc, said in a statement. These doctors and nurses are the backbone of the health response.

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Last month, UN Humanitarian Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien said that "millions of Yemeni civilians - women, children and men - continue to be exposed to unfathomable pain and suffering" at the hands of the epidemic.

Yemen's current cholera outbreak is the biggest in the world.

In July, the International Committee for the Red Cross declared that "Yemen's cholera outbreak is a direct effect of a conflict that's brought the health system to its knees". However, more than 15 million people in the country have no access to basic care. Tedros called on all sides in Yemen's conflict, which has killed more than 8,300 people since March 2015, to urgently seek a political solution. "The people of Yemen can not bear it much longer-they need peace to rebuild their lives and their country", said Tedros.

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