United Kingdom issues tougher guidelines to protect connected cars from hackers

United Kingdom issues tougher guidelines to protect connected cars from hackers

"Our cars are becoming smarter and self-driving technology will revolutionise the way in which we travel", he said.

Transport minister Lord Callanan admits that the risks of smart auto technology being hacked are now low, but adds that it is important to ensure the public is protected.

As vehicles continue to become smarter and increasingly common on British roads, the United Kingdom government says it is crucial that manufacturers take the correct steps to make them cyber secure.

"While smart cars and vans offer new services for drivers, it is feared would-be hackers could target them to access personal data, steal cars that use keyless entry, or even take control of technology for malicious reasons", the guidelines state.

While many automotive companies already have specialists focusing on security, the eight principles are created to provide guidance to vehicle manufacturers and their supply chains on how they can ensure cyber security is ingrained into every level of the auto building process.

"Enable parents and guardians to give consent for their child's data to be used".

"It will be important for the industry to come together to ensure that the eventual regulations and best practice are fit for goal and help to cement the UK's status as a global centre of excellence for smart and driverless vehicles", said Gardner.

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The UK government is also looking into insurance options for autonomous vehicles as well, under a new Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Bill. "This would be a new emerging form of insurance that would also be a great product for the United Kingdom to sell around the world".

He added: "That's why it's essential all parties involved in the manufacturing and supply chain are provided with a consistent set of guidelines that support this global industry".

The guidelines for connected-car security were released Sunday by the Department for Transport, which urged manufacturers to "design out hacking".

"These vehicles will transform our roads and society, dramatically reducing accidents and saving thousands of lives".

Rather than sitting back and waiting for cyber criminals to strike, the UK Department of Transport has created a list of principles designed to make cyber security a top priority for auto manufacturers.

They believe that the new auto technology could boost the economy and deliver thousands of jobs.

"The new cyber security guidelines will be a key step in achieving this goal, with the security of the car's network paramount to the safety of the driver and those in the car's vicinity".

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