Trump's approval rating rebounds amid North Korea tensions

Trump's approval rating rebounds amid North Korea tensions

President Donald Trump's approval rating jumped to 45 percent in the days following the president suggesting US military action against North Korea, a poll released Friday shows.

The poll surveyed 25,589 people and showed 61 percent chose Trump compared to 39 percent who chose Obama.

The president's approval rating is now at 37 percent, according to the non-partisan Gallup poll, with a new report scheduled for Monday.

On Friday, the Chinese government said it would remain neutral if North Korea attacks the United States, but warned it would defend its Asian neighbor if the USA strikes first and tries to overthrow Kim Jong Un's regime, Beijing state media reported.

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Following a warning from Trump Tuesday that the U.S. would unleash "fire and fury" on it if it endangered the United States, North Korea announced it would launch four missiles into the waters near the Western Pacific U.S. territory of Guam.

"Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely", Trump wrote on Twitter Friday".

Sixty-three percent of Americans say they believe the United States will take military action against North Korea as tensions build up between the two countries. Now, Trump is at 45 percent approval with 53 percent of likely voters disapproving of his job performance.

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