Tile's New Bluetooth Trackers Are Its Most Powerful Yet

Tile's New Bluetooth Trackers Are Its Most Powerful Yet

"The new Tile Pro Series was built with both performance and style in mind so that Tilers can find their things wherever life takes them -whether hitting the slopes, traveling the world or enjoying a night out", said Mike Farley, CEO and co-founder of Tile. There are two to choose between, the manly Sport and the more feminine Style.

The Tile Style and Tile Sport both cost $34.99. A two-pack of either variety is $59.99.

Both of the new trackers now offer a Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet - twice the range of the previous Slim and and Mate.

Open the app and select the item you are looking for.

For the uninitiated, Tile makes little fobs that can be attached to nearly anything and work in conjunction with a mobile app to help you find keys, wallets, your dog, or anything else.

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There are two new ringtones, too, bringing the total to eight. If it's not, it'll tell you where it was last located.

Another new feature (which rival TrackR has had for a while) is Alexa support. Once the Tile skill is enabled, users of Amazon Alexa can locate their Tiled items or find their phone with simple voice commands. If not, you'll hear the last-known location. The Tile Pro series, made up of the Tile Style and Tile Sport, are also waterproof and can be integrated with smart speakers like Google Home and devices that have Google Assistant. This works right now. When you "re-Tile" the price is a bit lower, but at £16-25 per Tile depending on the model, it's still a lot more than a new battery.

It's billed as the flawless accessory to attach to valuable items.

The new range is accompanied by an updated Tile app, with features specifically designed for the new products. This doesn't affect range, but did preclude testing of the new louder buzzer.

Finally, and perhaps as the most helpful feature, Tile is making its products compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It now offers up to 200 feet of coverage. Today, it launches what - at least, on paper - appears to be the best Tile yet.

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