Ronda Rousey reportedly training for pro wrestling career

Ronda Rousey reportedly training for pro wrestling career

Shafir is engaged to NXT star Roderick Strong while Baszler is now competing in the company's Mae Young Classic tournament.

However, Rousey might not be the only MMA Four Horsewomen member training, or about to train under Brian Kendrick. "If Ronda Rousey wants that opportunity, I'd be happy to talk to her about it".

Rousey, of course, is now semi-retired (depending on who you ask) and in her last two bouts, she suffered a pair of the most brutal KO finishes in UFC history but when she was at her finest, few would argue that her elite-level Judo and frankly terrifying armbars made her easily one of the most powerful forces in the history of mixed martial arts.

After that much-debated cameo the Olympic bronze medallist hinted that she would be returning to the wrestling ranks soon.

Aware of Rousey setting her priorities, Triple H seems willing to wait when things settle down.

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It's been a long-running WWE rumor of sorts - Ronda Rousey making her WWE debut at some point in the future. The all-women's tournament will premiere on the WWE Network on August 28, showing taped matches from last month, though the live finale is scheduled to take place on September 12 in Las Vegas, added. The network will also run a bracketology special immediately after SummerSlam on August 20.

This set off speculations about Ronda to WWE all over again, and it's a matter of when, Rousey will sign. After sitting in the front row at SummerSlam in 2014 along with her "Four Horsewomen", she did the same one year later at WrestleMania 31.

"It's amusing. I remember when we did that stuff with Ronda at WrestleMania and she was talking about the roar of the crowd", Levesque said. She said, 'I have never allowed myself to even hear it when I fight.' She can't. That's why everyone was calling Ronda our Mike Tyson because she was the most dominant athlete on the planet. It's not about the crowd. It's not about how loud it is.

Pro wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) - two very different sports - with just one thing in common, fighting.

"We do the exact opposite". It's fun, and I think that she's enamored and fascinated with what we do. Meltzer noted in this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer that former UFC women's bantamweight fighter Jessamyn Duke is also working with Kendrick. "She was there to support her and had a great time".

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