Parent Builds A Messaging App That Forces Kids To Reply

Parent Builds A Messaging App That Forces Kids To Reply

A father fed up with current messaging apps created one that makes it impossible for children to ignore important messages from their parents.

Here's how it works: The app locks your child's phone's screen and sounds an alarm that doesn't stop until your message or call is returned.

ReplyASAP will put a message over whatever the other phone is doing, as well as make a noise until the user interacts with it. Users have the choice to cancel the alert or "snooze"; either way the sender gets a notification.

Nick Herbert said he created the app out of his own experience after his son started school and got a smart phone and wouldn't respond to his texts. The app finds an interesting way to solve the problem. "It drives me crazy", he said. "He knows when to use it and when I send him a message on it, it will be important". It also shows whether or not the message has been seen.

However, now the app only works with Android and his 13-year-old Ben has an iOS phone.

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There is now an app that will allow parents to lay the smackdown on kids who ignore all efforts to communicate via smartphones.

There are also external apps that you can download for both iPhone and Android that will override silent mode.

Whether you're on board with these apps' concepts or not, every parents can recognize that raising kids in the digital age we live in can get tricky.

The app now operates on Android phones while the kid has iOS smartphone.

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