Official Fallout Board Game Announced

Official Fallout Board Game Announced

These are narratives taking place in the series' various post-nuclear war locations, like Washington D.C. and New England, and each one determines the placement of a few special locations on the board, as well as the two warring factions you'll have to deal with.

Fallout: The Board Game is set to release during the fourth quarter of this year.

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In a report by Game Informer, it seems that Fantasy Flight has announced that they will be launching a physical board game that is based around the Fallout franchise. Players choose one of five explorers that range from "a savvy Wastelander to a stout member of the Brotherhood of Steel". Battles and other conflicts are resolved through a clever custom dice mechanic, which showcase both numbers of successes in a test attempt, but also allude to the "V.A.T.S." targeting system by featuring body parts on the different dice faces.

Designed by Nathan Hajek and Andrew Fischer, the Fallout board game will concentrate on decision making around quests and random encounters. Emergent stories begin to arise at the table as players joke about the way the session has unfolded, and the odd interconnections between story threads. "Welcome to the Commonwealth is the first card in the scenario depicted. completing one of the actions on this card will cause the noted effects, move the story forward, and reveal even more quests", Fantasy Flight's blog notes. So you should be covered as far as additional content goes. They'll be available at specific retailers when the game launches later this year.

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