Mobile's new unlimited plans are only for baby boomers

Mobile's new unlimited plans are only for baby boomers

T-Mobile's onslaught of promotions is continuing with a new plan for an often overlooked demographic: seniors.Credit: Goodluz/Shutterstock.comThis week, T-Mobile will roll out a deal for Americans over the age of 55. This isn't exactly a T-Mobile seniors plan since you don't need to wait until you are 65. Whether it is a first smartphone or simply looking for a better deal without giving up data that lets you use Facebook, video call your kids and get navigation - this is a great new option.

"If that weren't bad enough, the carriers demand you pay a higher price per line as soon as the kids move out and off the family plan", the press release states.

T-Mobile, your friendly "un-carrier", and its outspoken chief executive John Legere are back at it again with a new plan: T-Mobile #Unlimited55. Here's a list of reasons to switch t0 T-Mobile, and the catches you need to be aware of. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down "senior" plans with exactly zero data and - get this - night and weekend minutes! Also, if you are a current T-Mobile customer, you won't be automatically enrolled once you hit 55. "For example, moms and dads on Verizon who were once paying $45 each for four lines of unlimited (and getting slower) data - plus all those Verizon taxes and fees - could see the cost for each line jump to over $70 when they switch to just two lines".

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To be eligible, the primary account holder needs to be 55 or above - there's no age restrictions for the second person on the line. This plan only works with a maximum of two lines.

The Un-carrier on Monday cast its unlimited net wider, offering the older segment of the population two lines of limitless talk, text, and data for $60 (with AutoPay).

Another drawback, AT&T's Senior Nation plan is "only eligible for basic phones and not eligible on smartphones or tablets".

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