Los Angeles City Council backs 2028 Olympic bid

Los Angeles City Council backs 2028 Olympic bid

On July 31, Mayor Eric Garcetti and other leaders announced a tentative agreement to host in 2028 as long as the Los Angeles City Council and U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors also approve the change.

Bid Chairman Casey Wasserman added, "Since our announcement that we would pursue the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we've worked closely with the City Council to ensure the 2028 Host City Contract is the best deal for our city and all Angelenos".

Acting well before an August 18 deadline, the Los Angeles City Council Friday unanimously approved final agreements that will bring the 2028 Olympics to Los Angeles.

Herb Wesson, LA City Council President, said, "Today's vote isn't just about 2028; it is about what will happen in between now and then: the progress we will make, the principles that will guide us and most importantly, the young people we will inspire".

The schedule leaves L.A. leaders with less time than they had to scrutinize the bid for the 2024 Olympics. However, an independent analysis of a new budget in the works for 2028 will not likely be completed for months.

It's an important move for the second largest city of the United States to lock the award of being host of the 2028 Summer Games, which is scheduled to be announced with 2024 Olympics host city Paris, together by International Olympic Committee on September 13 in Peru, reports Xinhua news agency. Nor will they have an independent evaluation of that updated budget. The vote immediately followed a meeting of the council's committee on the Olympics, which also unanimously voted for the agreements.

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The move, which was encouraged by the International Olympic Committee, means that Los Angeles is required to tweak plans for the Olympics in order to receive final backing from the City Council.

In a short 11 years, Los Angeles will have the opportunity to repeat what they created 33 years ago today, this time with more up-to-date facilities that spread across a wide range of the LA area.

The full council is expected to endorse documents at the heart of LA's plan to stage the 2028 Summer Games. With the Legislature on recess, it is not guaranteed that the state will approve the same amount for 2028 by a deadline of August 18.

There are not expected to be any "major" changes to the initial bid plans for the earlier edition.

Los Angeles officials have said the city would not need to build any new permanent venues to host the Games since LA already has multiple stadiums, arenas and college campuses. "I remember getting a gold medal and running around the track".

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