From Mars to Hell in DOOM VFR

From Mars to Hell in DOOM VFR

Finally, Doom VFR will come out for both PlayStation 4 and HTC Vive starting December 1, providing a new experience that'll be similar in nature to the 2016 reboot that thrilled audiences.

During E3, Bethesda declined to state the release date for either game, although it committed to a 2017 release window for all three titles. This would indicate that content DLC packs such as Nuka-World and Far Harbor will not be available in Fallout 4 VR upon launch.

Skyrim VR is coming first-on November 17, to be exact-and Bethesda said that this is the full game that you've come to love over the years.

Still, we may see members of the community release tools to get each of these games running on Oculus.

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If you're looking for more information on Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, or Doom VFR, you can visit Bethesda's website. That didn't work out. However, it's coming out for both PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

So if you're into VR games, don't miss out on this line-up.

None of the games will be available as a free upgrade to owners of existing non-VR versions, by the way. As such, it's priced at $60 on the PlayStation Store. I had a very good time with the HTC Vive version of Doom VFR at E3, noting at the time: "I was able to easily pump a lot of shells and plasma into a variety of Doom monsters, all rendered and scaled so that they looked tall and bewildering".

Bethesda is days away from hosting the 21 annual QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas, and the company just announced the roster of attractions at the show.

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