Bobby Vanderhall, Hampstead Man Bludgeons Mother, Sister, Third Woman To Death

Bobby Vanderhall, Hampstead Man Bludgeons Mother, Sister, Third Woman To Death

Bobby Vanderhall, 34, was accused of breaking into his mother Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall's house and through the basement door and beating his mom before doing the same to his sister, Melissa Vanderhall and her friend Janel Simpson, one of the women visiting the house. He obtained a large hammer.

A fourth woman survived the assault and is hospitalized.

The bodies of 58-year-old Lynn Vanderhall, 29-year-old Melissa Vanderhall 29-year-old Janel Simpson were discovered early Saturday in a home on Perry Street in Hempstead.

According to police, Vanderhall was found sleeping in a auto within two miles of the crime scene and was arrested, police say. "As they came to the staircase, Bobby was already coming up after them".

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The Post reported that her wrist was broken fending off the attack. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick. Police say he had been removed from the house with emotional issues twice previously and taken to a medical center.

Authorities said Vanderhall's behavior had become more troubling recently, leading his mother to obtain an order of protection against him. They said he then attacked the other women.

Vanderhall, who police described as more than six feet tall and at least 230 pounds, was arrested within two miles of the house after police found him asleep in a vehicle. It was revealed he had a history of mental problems and a criminal record that included sexual abuse charges and DWI. "Beautiful, outstanding people, that's what I want the world to know", said a family relative, Juanita Johnson. He is being held in Mineola and was scheduled for arraignment on Sunday.

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