Donald Trump Was Reportedly A Powerless Figurehead On 'The Apprentice'

Donald Trump Was Reportedly A Powerless Figurehead On 'The Apprentice'

Trump didn't decide who got fired on Apprentice, I mean, NBC made those decisions.

But reality television, of course, doesn't always depict reality.

But Clay Aiken went on to describe just how much of a puppet Trump was for NBC on the show.

"I feel like half the time, his teleprompter has broken down as president, and he doesn't know what's going on", said Aiken, who did also note that he thought Trump was likable in person.

Clay Aiken's account of Donald Trump's Apprentice role is very different from past stories about the show's on-set antics.

Aiken then explained why he was making the comments now, saying he was not trying to undermine Trump or attack him personally.

"This is nonsense", Morgan, who won Season 7 of the series, tweeted Wednesday, "I saw him make the decisions many times over many seasons".

"He did look like he was leading".

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In 2014, Aiken ran for US Congress in North Carolina, his home state. "But on "The Apprentice" he doesn't lead", Aiken said.

But Aiken was also critical of the Democratic Party, saying, "I think the Democrats, to some degree, hurt themselves more by constantly saying how disgusting Trump is and how terrible the Republicans are because, it just, I think it helps it his argument that people are biased against him when all they hear is he's a fascist, all these frightful things about him". This was, in part, because Aiken had "enough respect for him in the political world" at the time, but also because "I was anxious he was going to go on Fox News that morning and say something, and I knew if he was one of the first people I called, he'd feel honored and he'd say wonderful things".

Aiken has spoken in the past about his time with Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice, calling the 70-year-old a "good guy", according to Variety.

Trump has said he has no need for press briefings, even though intelligence agencies were told to keep them brief, showing once again his inability to pay attention to anything that is too complicated and not directly about him.

Trump hosted the first 14 seasons of the "Apprentice" franchise.

Aiken's takeaway on Trump and the show?

As The Washington Post's Marc Fisher wrote: "He didn't run for president because of "The Apprentice, ' but according to the show's executives and producers, without 'The Apprentice" there would be no candidacy".

"A lot of people who are supporting Trump are supporting him because he's not a typical - he's not a typical politician,".

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