Will Senate GOP healthcare bill get enough votes?

Will Senate GOP healthcare bill get enough votes?

The Senate bill is similar to the House bill but includes additional funding to stabilize the Obamacare health insurance exchanges and, so far, does not contain a provision that would penalize people for not having health care coverage.

On Sunday morning, Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) both appeared onMeet the Press to warn their allies in the Senate against rushing a vote on the GOP's draft health care plan before the July 4 holiday recess.

Republicans say the new plan will make health care much less expensive with lower deductibles and reduced premiums. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said he's willing to alter the measure to attract support, and next week promises plenty of back-room bargaining as he tries pushing a final package through his chamber. He wants a vote before people realize his bill is hazardous to their health.

To read this article in one of Houston's most-spoken languages, click on the button below. And Senate Republicans say their plan attempts only to slow the growth of Medicaid, not de-fund it.

Senator Susan Collins of ME, a moderate Republican who has not taken a formal stance on the bill, expressed her concern that cuts to Medicaid would affect it deeply.

It is now up to us to let our Senators know that this bill is unacceptable.

We're going to have to see what the Congressional Budget Office says about what this would do the insurance system and what it would do the federal deficit. And that amount is going to go up every year slightly, but in the Senate bill would be based on just regular inflation, whereas medical inflation has always been faster. "You know, health care is a very hard situation".

The group said in a statement Friday it's encouraged that the Senate bill would take immediate action to stabilize shaky insurance markets by guaranteeing billions of dollars in subsidies under jeopardy due to a legal dispute and political maneuvering. "Healthcare's a very complicated subject from the standpoint that you move it this way, and this group doesn't like it". He said the vote is "going to be close" and President Donald Trump is "going to be important in the process".

Tom Price promises GOP won't pull 'rug out' on health care
The measure largely uses people's incomes as the yardstick for helping those without workplace coverage to buy private insurance. President Donald Trump is bemoaning what he calls "the level of hostility" that he says has stymied bipartisanship in Washington.

Mr McConnell said Democrats chose not to help frame the bill.

Dean Heller of Nevada said Friday he opposes the GOP bill that would scuttle much of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, complicating the task party leaders face in guiding the banner legislation through the Senate. John McCain has said how he will vote.

The House approved its version of the bill last month.

Senate Republicans are painting the new plan as less austere than the House bill which, according to a forecast by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), would leave 23 million fewer people insured than under current law. Medicaid would no longer be a safety net program, with the federal government providing funding in response to state needs.

Joining Paul and Johnson in already announcing opposition are Sens.

The bill would cut and redesign the Medicaid program for low-income and disabled people. "I might vote for 80 percent repeal", Paul told ABC's "This Week".

Kasich said he opposes the Senate bill and called on Republicans to change it.

"I want to get to yes, and the way to get to yes is to fix the underlying problems".

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