Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch — Interview

Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch — Interview

What other games are you hoping to see on the Nintendo Switch? Crates and rankings will the same, but the Switch version will have its own exclusives like Mario and Luigi hats for your cars. However, it wasn't long before it was confirmed that Rocket League cross play would not include PS4. Rocket League offers one of the deepest customization systems around and battle opponents on other platforms with groundbreaking cross-network play. Unfortunately it seems we'll have to wait till next year for these titles to be released, but they definitely look worth the wait. Not that it looked bad; even though I was looking at an alpha build of the game, a quick glance showed little difference between the Switch and its console counterparts.

Nintendo, a company perennially behind when it comes to consumer expectations for online functionality, revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show that Psyonix's auto soccer hit Rocket League will enable crossplay between Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

The Local Seasons mode will likely feature the ability to play a two season co-op across two Switch consoles. Now, developer Psyonix has spoken about the issues opening up cross play to PS4 users.

During Microsoft's event they revealed that Minecraft will be getting cross-network play on all platforms, well, all platforms but PlayStation 4. However, we haven't had the GTA experience on a handheld console since the PSP days so it's time for GTA 5 to come to the Switch.

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On the subject of security measures that Psyonix has taken, Dunham said, "We think we've got it all covered..." From our perspective, we've done everything we need to do.

According to Dunham, Psyonix has met all the technical requirements to support cross-platform play.

The question now is, Why would Sony say no?

This positive comment from Ryan proves that when it comes to "animosity" between the platform holders, that only exists in the gaming community, not so much the industry. "Y'know, we buy the phones for their unique designs or software or whatever, but not having cross-network is like saying 'Hey, you can't make calls to your brother because he has a different phone than you'".

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