Pat Riley calls Magic Johnson 'the best ever'

Pat Riley calls Magic Johnson 'the best ever'

"He didn't have to score because of Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] and James [Worthy] and everyone else we had", Riley said. Blending both those components with an elite, suffocating team defense is what makes the Warriors truly special in their own right. That historic run of success places them firmly in the greatest team of all-time conversation, where Johnson's Lakers have resided for many decades now.

"Nowadays if you can't shoot a three, you're a liability on the floor", Green said before the Warriors practiced Tuesday to get ready for Game 3 tonight. "If I called him first, then he ain't gonna say anything".

Now, it's impossible to compare these teams because they played in different eras.

Draymond Green's response to that was flawless. I just hope soon we can get back to talking about how the Warriors can beat Cleveland.

According to Riley, "the greatest player of all time" is none other than Magic.

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However, considering they just have one ring to show for it, that's a whole different argument.

Riley said Magic would beat LeBron 1 on 1 in their prime. While it's hard to argue that the Magic-led Lakers wouldn't have given them a good run for their money, a sweep seems like a bit of a stretch, don't you think Magic? I recently rewatched some of their games against the Mavericks while researching a book and saw just how dominant they could be.

He made the comparison of Johnson and James, which he seems to believe is more accurate than comparing James to Jordan. I talk to them. The shot entered the National Basketball Association alongside Johnson in 1979, but it was used relatively sparingly in his day, unlike the bombs-away modern game.

But this Golden State team is no slouch themselves.

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