May, Corbyn Grilled By Paxman And Studio Audience

May, Corbyn Grilled By Paxman And Studio Audience

Mr Corbyn faced questioning on his attitude to security issues and past comments about the IRA and the Falklands War.

After Theresa May refused point-blank to go head-to-head with Jeremy Corbyn in a debate, the two look set to endure a slightly awkward encounter in the joint Channel 4 and Sky News show.

Labour's national election co-ordinator Andrew Gwynne said Mrs May needs to answer "crucial" questions over the plans.

"We will make sure there is a deal".

Known for his republican beliefs, he quipped: "Do you know what, I had a very nice chat with the Queen".

"That is why since the first day I stepped through the door of Number 10 as Prime Minister, I have been clear that the mission of the government I lead is not just to get the best possible deal for Britain in Europe, but to take this opportunity to shift the balance of Britain in favour of ordinary working people". When the campaign resumed on Friday, May told reporters at the Group of Seven meeting in Sicily that Corbyn "frankly isn't up to the job", after he suggested Britain's foreign policy had made the country less safe.

"It's a question of getting the right deal for us", she said.

"We need to have a government that is open about these things and is willing to find ways of addressing them".

She was more confident on Brexit, winning applause when she repeated that no deal was better than a bad deal on leaving the EU.

"I think you have to".

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Instead, he framed his decision as based on economics. "We have nothing to be apologetic about", Mr Pruitt said. But don't bother asking at the White House.

The two party leaders' differences on how to handle talks with Brussels came to the fore on Monday during the main televised event of the campaign, in which they separately fielded questions from the public and were then interviewed.

The June 8 election pits May, the Conservative Party leader who opposed Brexit before the referendum last June but now favors it, against Corbyn, who has alienated many longtime Labour supporters with his hard-left views.

Mr Corbyn said it was impossible to say how much the United Kingdom should pay as it leaves the European Union, but promised to fulfil the country's legal obligations.

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May were forced to defend their records as they faced a live TV grilling.

He said he described the death of Osama Bin Laden as a "tragedy" because he wanted him to be arrested and put on trial. "And he could have been", he said.

"You should never be so high and mighty you can't listen to somebody else and learn something from them", he said. On May's watch - she was Home Secretary for six years before becoming prime minister a year ago - the number of police officers in England and Wales fell about 15 percent.

Mrs May promised a consultation document would be published and that she would listen to charities and voters on where the cap should be, adding that the social care system would "collapse" without reform.

He said: 'When I asked about recognition of Israel, I wasn't expecting them to say we are prepared to recognise Israel.

Returning to campaign trail after the Manchester bombing and her attendance at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and G7 summits, the Prime Minister said the choice on June 8 came down to who voters wanted to represent Britain around the negotiating table in Brussels - her or Jeremy Corbyn.

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