Microsoft to unveil what's next on May 23

Microsoft to unveil what's next on May 23

The limitations of Microsoft Security Essentials are already behind us and, little by little, they are turning Windows Defender into an entirely worthy alternative even surpassing other security suites developed by other companies that have been with us for many years, At least it's what they're working for. And with the introduction of Windows 10 S, a lightweight new version of the operating system created to eke more performance out of less-robust hardware, a new Surface to show it off on the tablet form factor could just make sense. While similar on paper, things are not almost as identical when you take a closer look.

The device runs on Windows 10 S, a version of Windows 10 that's created to load faster and demand less from its hardware.

The recently launched Surface Laptop is a attractive and quite powerful device, so we hope the hardware to launch on May 23rd will be the same. A window will open with a warning that the OS will block all attempts at installing software outside the store. They primarily focus on productivity where the device will function as a multi-touch track-pad for a Windows 10 laptop or desktop located nearby. Being part of the Surface family, the device works with the Surface Pen (which allows the user to draw on the screen), the Surface Dial and all other standard Windows accessories. You know about the four color options - though you may not be able to actually get the device in those different colors. And given the fact that Windows 10 S is aimed at low-end hardware, this will obviously pose challenges for Microsoft in terms of keeping its longevity. You can't install programs from elsewhere, and this includes Chrome.

However, we agree that putting the right tools in the hands of kids also represents an important tool for their education.

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Microsoft wants to make sure that 10 S is hyper-secure and free of malware. It could be anything - after all, what does a phone look like if it doesn't look like a phone in use today?

The new version is not flawless yet though, as you can still install Steam games for instance and play them, even with the system locked down to installing apps from Store only.

Nadella has long championed Continuum as the stand-out feature on Windows 10 Mobile.

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