Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

Federal Communication Commission Takes Steps to Undo Obama-Era Net Neutrality

This means that "the FCC got virtually unlimited authority to regulate [internet providers]", Gattuso said.

Many consumer groups favored the new rules, which they said provided equal access to customers. It is created to prohibit Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from blocking, slowing, or otherwise discriminating against user access to web or app content. The FCC saying in 2015 that the providers could not be left to simply make up their own rules.

Pai is trying to correct recent changes that were compelled by the liberal need to control the Internet and that were not based in law.

Well, now there is a new Administration and several new FCC members, including the chairman.

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With net neutrality supporters, including senator Edward Markey (Democrat-Massachusetts), protesting outside the agency's building, the Republican-controlled FCC voted 2-1 on party lines to start a formal, months-long process of dismantling the existing rules.

"Bryon Henry, and intellectual property attorney told us his take on net neutrality". "To say that everybody is entitled to the same Internet without additional charges, that's not free market".

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to move forward with Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to weaken net neutrality protections by ending "utility-style regulation" of the Internet. "Although there's some strong, vocal proponents neutrality and they're not going away". The vote, which begins a period of public comment ahead of final implementation, prompted a flurry of reactions on both sides of the debate.

As always, the eBay Government Relations team will continue to monitor this situation and engage with legislators and regulators as appropriate to help ensure that small Internet-enabled businesses and their customers are not harmed by the removal of these important protections.

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