Christian leaders urge Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Christian leaders urge Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Though these are just the highlights of 35 events set to take place during this coming week in Israel's capital, the spotlight will naturally focus on Trump's visit. The area, captured by Israel in 1967, is not sovereign Israeli territory and Palestinians there are not Israeli citizens and do not have the right to vote.

An unnamed senior administration official on Wednesday told Bloomberg News that it would be "unwise to do it at this time" as President Donald Trump is getting ready to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks to move the embassy.

During his campaign, Trump promised to be Israel's "best friend" if elected, and signaled that it was okay for the Israeli government to go on building settlements on occupied land since he didn't regard it as an obstacle to peace. While Israel is shown without the West Bank in a map, the text that lists Trump's schedule in each location does not distinguish between the two.

Many in the worldwide community do not consider any part of Jerusalem to be part of Israel, arguing that the city's status must be determined through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Administration officials have since dodged the specific question of whether or not the United States recognizes the Western Wall as part of Israel, though legally speaking the answer has always been no.

Turkey's Erdogan says United States visit to herald new beginning in relationship
The U.S. also has pressed unsuccessfully for the release of Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, and other detained U.S. citizens. Meanwhile, U.S. officials told reporters that the administration was prepared to share more intelligence with Turkey on the PKK.

At the United Nations General Assembly, the Vatican and the "State of Palestine" have the same status as non-member observer states. "He will then deliver remarks at the Israel Museum celebrating the unique history of Israel and of the Jewish people", a text accompanying the clip states.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office had no comment. Next week he will be the first sitting USA president to visit the Western Wall in the Old City, but his team rejected a request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accompany him.

On Tuesday, Trump is scheduled to visit Abbas for an hour in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, which lies a few kilometers south of Jerusalem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. "The President will also visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall".

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