Brexit: There could be a free movement extension

The security issue is critical, as it formed part of the letter sent by UK Prime Minister to Donald Tusk, the EU Council president, in which she said Britain's strength in security, intelligence and counterterrorism could be a bargaining chip in the negotiations. But she has acknowledged that getting a final deal may take longer.

When Tusk replied two days later, he included a line implying Spain would be able to block the inclusion of Gibraltar in any future EU-UK trade deal, sparking a media and political dispute.

European Union lawmakers on Wednesday passed a resolution calling for phased negotiations in divorce proceedings with Britain, going against the wishes of London, which would like exit talks and discussions of a future trade arrangement to happen in parallel.

To the surprise and dismay of ministers, his draft negotiating guidelines called for Spain to be given a veto over post-Brexit decisions about the Rock.

Mr Farage, who is an MEP for South East England, had said: "You have shown yourselves with these demands to be vindictive, to be nasty, all I can say is thank goodness we're leaving".

"[May] said the United Kingdom looked forward to formally beginning negotiations once the 27 Member States agreed guidelines", Downing Street said.

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She said there would be an "implementation" phase once a deal has been struck, for businesses and the Government to adjust to the new rules.

"You are behaving like the mafia, you think we're a hostage", Mr Farage said to hoots from other legislators.

The extraordinary claim the British people's historical decision to abandon Brussels as no more than a result of in-house fighting within the Conservative Party came after the EU's Brexit negotiator also mocked previous British Prime Ministers' for not committing to the common market and looking on the continent "with suspicion".

Spanish conservative MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons hit back, saying Britain could not be allowed to have its "tax haven" Gibraltar still operating under European Union trade rules.

Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, said the remarks were "unacceptable" while the leader of the largest MEP grouping said Mr Farage should not speak on behalf of the EFDD on matters related to Brexit. When necessary, we are able to change trade routes and reorganise production chains.

Concern over immigration from the European Union was a major reason behind Britain's vote to leave and Mrs May has said she will respect those fears by not seeking membership of Europe's single market which would mean allowing freedom of movement of people.

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